Who is LOLA?

LOLA Pronoun: She/Her

If you’re familiar with No Sleep New York (also known by our initialism, NSNY), then you have a pretty good idea of what exactly it is we do. We are an art curation platform that shares the work of both budding and established artists.  Our NSNY Instagram has its own niche aesthetic: bright, poppy, and bold colors. LOLA is the abbreviation for our other account, Lights Out Los Angeles. Just like NSNY, LOLA is an art curation platform that serves the exact same purpose.



Lights Out Los Angeles Aesthetic

LOLA has a softer, more subtle aesthetic that can be seen throughout her feed. Artwork submissions are posted respectively based on which aesthetic each piece falls into. This means that any artist can hashtag either #nosleepNY or #lightsoutLA to grab our attention. We feature artists who submit their work exclusively through our branded hashtags. Submissions through our hashtags are always free. There is currently no fee to submit your work through our Instagram accounts.



How They All Tie Together

LOLA and NSNY are essentially close sisters, born about two minutes apart (that’s not a joke, by the way). Our website is a collection of different aesthetics. Therefore, we feature any type of work here. We are also now accepting written submissions through our website. To learn more about how you can submit your written compositions, visit our write for us page. Visual submissions are always open via our Instagram hashtags. We are constantly on the hunt for fresh and unrecognized talent in the art industry. So, make sure that you connect with us on nosleepnewyork.com and through our social media. We look forward to discovering new talent every single day.

Check out Lights Out Los Angeles and No Sleep New York on Instagram today!