Your 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Artists

Well, the holidays are definitely here! That means if you haven’t finished your holiday shopping, or worse – haven’t even started, you’re running out of time fast! Don’t worry though, we got you covered here at No Sleep New York. Here are our Top 10 gifts that would be perfect for the Artists in your life!

By the way, this article will have a few products from Amazon. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, now would be a better time than ever to sign up! Amazon Prime members get free two-day shipping. Even better: rumor has it that Amazon Prime members are now getting free one-day rush shipping up until December 23rd! So grab your smartphone, your laptop, or whatever way you get online and let’s start shopping!


A Rad Sketchbook


Current Price: $16.99 with free two-day shipping

Check out this stylish hardcover sketchbook by Sela Art. Made of the highest quality materials to protect your art for years to come. This designed hardbound cover will look fabulous regardless of the time and place you’re using it. Stylish enough to be used anywhere and solid enough to be used to draw on for maximum ease. Great for drawing, painting, multimedia work, and watercolor too!

 Buy it here on Amazon.


A Colorful and Relaxing Diffuser


Current Price: $29.65 with free two-day shipping

This diffuser by Zen Breeze is a perfect gift to any Artist, especially when it has 14 color settings! When they are in their artistic zone, they can turn on this diffuser to help them relax and concentrate while they work their magic!

 Buy it here on Amazon.


The Logitech Craft


Current Price: $199 with two-day rush $16.87 shipping

Logitech Craft adapts to your unique workflow so you stay in the moment and deeply connected to what you’re making.

The standout feature of the Craft is the “creative input dial,” a large silver knob in the top left corner of the keyboard. Logitech has built integrations for seven apps — Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and InDesign; and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel (although the Office integrations are only available on Windows for now). There are also some generic functions, like volume control or forward / back on pages that can be manually applied to any application (assuming it supports that input).

 Buy it here on Logitech’s Website.


A Palette Pico

pico cube together.png

Pre-order Price: $49 for the original Pico, $139 for the CUBE

Consider this a gift that will keep on giving. It has yet to be released, but by pre-ordering now, your favorite Artist will be doing their Christmas happy dance this December, and in March 2018. Pico is the world’s first smart color reader. Measure the color of anything with the Pico device by Palette. No more taking photos of color or searching through a color book. Just walk up to color and record it — instantly, precisely and forever. Pico is designed to work with the groundbreaking Pico App for color novices and experts alike. Whether you’re a painter, a graphic designer or a beautician, the Pico App has you covered.

Pre-order it here on Palette’s Website.

David LaChapelle’s Lost + Found, Part I. Good News, Part II.

dl cover

Current Prices: $54.76 and $50.86 with free two-day shipping

As seen in our latest article outlining LaChapelle’s latest and greatest, these two books are jammed packed full of never before seen images from the man himself. Seemingly marking the end of his long and prosperous career, David LaChapelle has released his final two photographic books in collaboration with TASCHEN books. Perfect for any Artist who has a flare for the exotic, and certainly a perfect Artist coffee table book.

Buy Lost + Found, Part I, on Amazon, here.

Buy Good News, Part II, on Amazon, here.


Famous Paintings for Your Feet


Current Prices: $18.99 to $19.99 with free two-day shipping

Say whaaaaa? You heard it right: famous paintings for your feet. Why just admire them from afar when you can actually wear them? These socks from Chalier are perfect for cold winter nights. There are five different combinations of socks you can choose from. They say in the title these are women’s socks, but the pictures tell us otherwise. Male or female, the Artists in your life will love you for this.

Buy them here on Amazon.


Secret Wood Unique Resin Ring


Current Prices: $90.00 to $180 with shipping from $12 to $30

Okay, okay. So we’re cheating again. This ring by Secret Wood will not likely make it in time for Christmas, as each ring is made-to-order. However, some of their rings have guaranteed New Years delivery.

Their rings are handmade by craftsmen using different wood and jewelry resin. Some styles feature additional material such as blossoms and gold leaf. Every ring is unique and one of a kind and showcases an enchanting secret world. By the way, if it’s too late to grab one or you don’t know what they would like, you can always snag a gift card from Secret Wood too.

Buy them here on their Website.


A Clean-Cut Art Utensil Storage Box

box1.JPGCurrent Price: $22.99 with free two-day shipping

As simple as it gets, here is an all-purpose storage box by Vencer. Good for pencils, markers, brushes, and any other art supplies that can fit inside.

Buy it here on Amazon.

A Creative Camera Lens Coffee Mug


Current Prices: $9.99 to $10.99 with free two-day shipping

Got a Photographer in your life? Why not give them this coffee mug shaped like a camera lens from Mango Spot? Coming in at an inexpensive price (and with great reviews, at that) it’s hard to beat. This mug can be used as an all-around thermo, and comes in four different styles.

Buy it here on Amazon.


A Cool Graphic Backpack


Current Prices: Starting at $55.99 with free shipping

Hey, we all need somewhere to put our art supplies, right? These backpacks from Society6 are a unique and interesting gift to give to your favorite Artists. They are made to order, but the Artist in your life will definitely understand the effort put into such a cool art piece. There are hundreds of different backpacks to choose from, giving you many options. Plus, some are even on sale. Score!

Buy them here on their Website.

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