Our Top 13 Favorite Instagram Embroidery Accounts

Embroidery. The word alone trails along with the scent of the associated stigma. Known traditionally as “women’s work”, embroidery has been an age-old craft that is not only aesthetically beautiful but also highly underrated as an art form. However, in 2010, women (and even some men) have taken this art form into their own hands (pun intended) and changed up the game; it is now getting the recognition it finally deserves through via Instagram embroidery accounts.

I (Sara) have recently taken up embroidery, and have been teaching myself through YouTube videos how to perfect the craft. Although new to it, I admit it is addicting from the start! I have been scavenging across Instagram recently, searching high and low for my favorite accounts. Today we will look at my top 15 favorite stitching accounts, ranging from curated embroidery accounts to those of personal Artist accounts. These accounts below are in no particular order. Let’s just dive right in, shall we?

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Instagram Embroidery Gallery


Mallory Bailey is a 20-something who is stitching her way through life. Mallory says, “Hand embroidery allows me to be creative while producing something that can be cherished forever”. Her Instagram clearly shows she has a passion for stitching. Mallory sells her designs online which includes kits and PDF patterns for fellow DIYers.



Chloe Giordano first started embroidery in her final year of studying illustration at the University of the West of England. She says, “since graduating in 2011 I have continued to experiment with freehand embroidery, using sewing thread and hand-dyed fabrics to make my work”. Chloe has many clients, ranging from Penguin, Vintage Books, Bloomsbury, Liberty, and various other private clients. Chloe currently resides in Oxford, United Kingdom. You can see more of her designs on her Instagram.



Jessica Long is yet another talented embroider that you can find on Instagram. We previously interviewed Jessica in a separate article for No Sleep New York. Going by the name Namaste Embroidery, Jessica was initially inspired by her love of yoga. In fact, many of her early designs are symbolic of such. Although she has expanded her skills and design styles since then, she says, “I think ‘Namaste’ still works despite its association with yoga – it is simply a gesture of respect. I respect and honor my customers and hope the feeling is mutual!” In her shop on her website, you can find embroidered jewelry, thread painted animals, custom quote/anniversary hoops and even patterns.



It doesn’t take many words to accurately describe what type of embroidery Artist Christine McGrath is. This can all be summed up through her “cute but rude” pieces of work, most of which you can find on her Instagram.



Marley Leola creates embroidery hoop art that you can find on her Instagram. Marley’s’ work centers around custom pieces for weddings, baby showers, and nurseries, with the occasional funny stitched hoop or detailed animal. Marley often stumbles across copies of her designs, something many Artists find frustrating. Nevertheless, she persisted.


Nicole Monjeau is a stitcher hailing from London, England. Known on Instagram for her “Fuck Politeness” hoops, you can find that many of Nicole’s pieces have a humorous yet soft and pretty aesthetic to them. Nicole has also mastered the art of the bunched flowers as well. She considers her work to be, “feminist and pop culture embroidery art”. Nicole likes stitching on dark fabric, which is something that sets her pieces apart from many other embroidery Artists. You can find her works for sale on her Etsy account.



Hopebroidery is more than just an embroidery Instagram, it’s a monthly subscription box as well. That’s right, there is officially a subscription box for just about anything! The cool thing about the Hopebroidery monthly box is that you get $45 worth of product to help build up your embroidery stash, including things such as Instagram-worthy embroidery scissors, a full pattern an accompanying password to a YouTube tutorial, and more! When you’re not busy gushing over your new goodies, you can visit the Hopebroidery Instagram for unique design inspiration, straight from the Artist herself!




Sara Shoemaker creates hand-embroidered home decor and jewelry. Based out of Arizona, Sara (“with no H cause H’s are Ew”) creates unique pieces of work that are perfect for any crafty person’s home or even their neck. Not only will you find her designs on Instagram, but of course find many on her Etsy shop too. There, you will discover close to 200 products listed for sale. In her shop, you can find finished hoops, PDF patterns, jewelry, and even Christmas ornaments.



Having been shot recently into Instagram superstardom, Sheena Liam’s hand-embroidered designs are like no other. Using simple black thread, Liam stitches realistic hair onto her breathtaking designs. The girl in her designs looks strikingly similar to her, making it easily agreeable that they are considered self-portraits. These embroidered characters are always posed in natural and candid positions, which is what also gives her work a unique edge. Liam’s work has been featured on Cosmopolitan, Colossal, and accounts such as Aureta and The Pink Lemonade.



Lous hails from Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. She showcases her latest designs on her Instagram account. Lous’s designs quite literally pop off their hoops. You will find threads edging over the brims and sometimes even falling freely in some of her designs. You can see there is great detail of texture to her work as well, creating interesting yet realistic displays of nature into her embroidery. Lous even dabbles in using paint in her designs as well.


Amanda Marsh is a Dallas, Texas-based stitcher, whose “hand embroidery hoops [are] full of snark, sass and a lot of curse words!”. She considers her creations to be, “cute modern stitches and wonderfully brash embroidered wall art & home decor”. Amanda’s funny and even relatable works are sure to get a laugh out of her followers on her Instagram.
UPDATE: We discovered that this account has either been deleted, or the username has been changed. We haven’t been able to find it again, but it was pretty cool while it lasted. Just take our word for it.


Embroidery Insta Guild is a “global Instagram based embroidery guild”. This particular Instagram Embroidery account is curated by Hopebroidery, founded by @heypaul. that you can find on Instagram. Here you will uncover just about every possible style of embroidery you can imagine.


“Embroidery that would make your adorable, innocent grandma hang her head in shame” is the motto of this Instagram account. Like all curation accounts, you can find a wide variety of Artists, perfect if you’re in search of new talent to be inspired by.

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