A Talk with Sticker Artist Voldig

Meet Wajih Rbai, also known on Instagram as Voldig. A graphic designer and a student, Wajih spends his days in a small cafe in his city of Rabat, the capital city of Morocco. The weather is hot, but Wajih manages to keep cool through his interesting and visually appealing graphic designs he creates. Wajih is a student studying Architecture and has a background in music theory from his younger days. Along with his self taught graphic design skills, there is a vast background of different art forms that Wajih has dabbled in.

What Purpose Does His Art Serve?

When asked what purpose does his art serve to himself and others, Wajih stated, “It’s easy to see that I like making art. Making art for an actual audience is a really interesting experience for me. Getting feedback pushes me to try new styles. I believe that if I like what I make, there must be other people who like it too, and they might want to decorate their laptops with it or would like to wear something I made. That’s why I’m putting it out for people to buy”.

What is a Typical Day Like for Voldig?

Although Wajih doesn’t create art full time, he spends his summer days out of school honing in on his craft. He feels that by working within these constraints, he is able to evolve faster artistically because if it. When asked more specifically about his time in the cafes and what a typical day looks like to him, he told us that he tends to go in during the early morning hours, and then work throughout the day on his graphic designs. Some days he prints stickers and ships orders. Wajih plans of doing sticker collabs with different artists in the future and foresees that his designs will eventually be printed onto various clothing as well.

The Art Community

We asked Wajih what his favorite thing about the art community is, in which he replied, “I think what I like the most about it is that there are so many different art styles, and yet each one of them gets its own share of the love that the art community is giving out. It just shows how free an artist is to make whatever they want and yet still their art can be appreciated”.

Voldig’s Sticker Pack Test Run

We had the pleasure of testing out Voldig sticker designs for ourselves and found all sorts of uses beyond the typical “sticker places” such as laptops. Designs range from intricate to more simplistic, and it is clear to see that Wajih takes pride in what he does, and it certainly shows through the sticker pack we received!

We placed Voldig’s stickers on top of this pink crossbody bag. We didn’t unpeel them from the backing, because we were still deciding where to place them! Voldig recommends placing them on surfaces like laptops, but you can easily get creative and place them on anything to jazz up any surface you want. When peeled from the back, they have a slight transparent touch–perfect for a sophisticated look on whatever gear of yours that you choose to decorate!

Thanks to Wajih for sending us the stickers you created and sharing more about your work and passions with us!

To see more of Voldig’s graphics, check out his Instagram.